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Butterick pattern B5211
I hope you enjoy the photos of this simple top I made with your fabric.
It's a variation of Butterick pattern B5211. I wear it often.
Thanks, I appreciate your great fabrics and selection!
Teresa from USA
Shoji screen for our Aikido training hall
Shoji screen for our Aikido training hall made by Mr. M
3 weapon (for Aikido) bags
Amazing fabrics!
I made 3 weapon (for Aikido) bags. :)
by Y
Noren screen for our Aikido training hall
Noren screen for our Aikido training hall
by Y
Gift bags I made for mother's day:
Gift bags I made for mother's day
This cotton fabric with dragon icons that I've bought from "fabric tales" some years ago. Now that I have time, I made a yukata for my husband and my cat. My cat used to hate wearing clothings, but he has no resistance with this one.
My dress from your fabric
Odette and Buddy-chan
from UK
I send you a picture of me in the blouse I made of Temari design chirimen fabric! All my colleagues were impressed when I came for a Christmas party)))
I thought you would like to see the jacket my sister made for me from the fabric you sold me.  I have worn it once and got lots of compliments.  I just love it - it really looks wonderful.  I am going to wear it again several times and really enjoy it.
I have my eye on another fabric, so I will probably be ordering again!
I wanted to show you the sleeve we made for the Macbook from the fabric we ordered not long ago.
Sarang From New Zealand.
This is a shoulder bag I made with your Cherry Stripe - Navy.
「*コットン生地・縞に小桜ー紺ー」で私が作ったショルダーバッグです *

Marzia from Italy
I used some Rayon and Polyester Chirimen I bought from Fabric Tales and made
this kimono worn by a One-Of-A-Kind Barbie made by me. I can't wait to use some more of the wonderful fabrics I bought from you!

Dan - http://www.WideEyedGirls.com
I use your lovely fabrics to create adorable and fun hair accessories ! Here is an example of some hair clips I made using the Japanese kitty cat fabric. They are available for sale at www.marymarsh.etsy.com.Thanks! ~MaryMarsh
I made myself a mod style dress using Ichimatsu checkers on the upper part of the dress and your woven arrow print on the lower part of the dress, both in red.
If you would like to check out how I designed the dress and sewed it, there are complete instructions on my blog

Nice shopping with you!
chirimen broochchirimen bookcover
I love using fabric from Fabric Tales for my designs. I made this brooch and this fabric covered notebook using chirimen crepe. I also make kanzashi and a wide range of other accessories using these gorgeous fabrics. I give them to friends and family as presents and sell online at www.kanzashi.co.uk.

Japanese fabric bags
Here is a picture of me in the shirt I made from your silk temari balls fabric. The pattern is Burda 8153, view B.
I made the hair accessories for my daughter with 8.5in Resinated Hito koshi Chirimen Fabric Roll - Wine. My daughter loves these beautiful Japanese fabric's hair accessories!
From U.S.A Yukina
Japanese fabric bags
I made two market bags using the free instructions on www.u-handbag.com and the beautiful fabric from Fabric Tales. These are my first attempts and they have been greatly admired by friends - the oriental fabric makes them unique and I hope you like looking at them!

Barbara from the U.K.
I made a ECO bag with Cotton Floral Dreamy Cherry Blossoms -Blue that size is as same as prastic bag at store.

I made a bigger ECO bag with Cotton Floral Dreamy Cherry Blossoms Red and Denim.This bag fits for 3 gallon milk bottles.
I love Cherry Blossoms and I am very happy to use these bags !

From U.S.A Yukina
Your chirimen cord was exactly what I needed to make maneki neko- style collars for my two Japanese bobtail cats, Lotus and Peony. You can see from the photo of Lotus that she enjoys wearing hers.
Maneki neko
I made the hair accessories for my daughter with 8.5in Resinated Hito koshi Chirimen Fabric Roll - Black. I cut it in the width of 1/2 in, and tied to hair rubber with other ri bbons.
Japanese fabric purse
Here 2 "origami inspired" pouches I've made with your beautiful japanese fabrics. They made highly appreciated gifts for my friends!

Viviane from France
Japanese fabric quilt
This quilt was Visitors Choice at our local Quilt Show and several of the fabrics came from Fabric Tales. The blocks are 1/4 blocks and adapted blocks from Kumiko Sudo's book East Quilts West, traditional kamon embroidered with variegated thread and the fabric colours were my choice.
Japanese chirimen fabric doll
I made 2 new Kimono-dolls with 2 wonderfull chirimen fabrics I bought last week. I love your fabrics! Thanks so much!!

Johanna (www.dolldesign.de/geishas.htm)
Japanese fabric doll
I made 2 new Kimono-dolls with 2 wonderfull chirimen fabrics I bought last week. I love your fabrics! Thanks so much!!Johanna (www.dolldesign.de/geishas.htm)
Cherry blossom tote bagUme plum blossom pouches
I made two small zippered pouches and one mini totebag.
I made these with the cotton florals: bright cherry blossoms on pink; tiny ume blossoms on natural and on pink. I love the fabric. It has a very nice texture to it. --joyce
Japanese fabric tissue box cover
I made a tissue box cover with the bright cherry blossoms fabric.
chirimen kimono doll
I am very pleased to show you what I made from the beautiful Chirimen I bought in your online shop.

Thank you very much for having such gorgeous fabrics!!

from MUXI, Germany
Japanese cord purses
I finally find time to say hello and send you a picture of "my darlings for my darlings"...
I had so much fun to design and stitch them and as you can see the colors of the lovely cords are going perfectly along... everybody is excited by the cords!!!

from Monika, Germany
Japanese fabric books
Soxbooks are handmade in Melbourne, Australia using only authentic Japanese fabrics and papers. I have been making books for over 5 years, but only since January this year have I been pursuing retail outlets to put them in. They are currently in 14 shops in Australia which I am very excited about! There are three main formats: concertina, soft bound and hard bound. All come in small, medium and large. Anyone interested in ordering one from me directly are welcome to email me at : soxbooks@yahoo.com.au I would be only too happy to make to order and send them on to you. My fabric list is now in excess of 150 different kinds!! Hope to hear from you soon
Jessica Allen, Melbourne, Australia
Japanese doll in kimono
The obi sash and hair bow were made with scrap fabrics.
by Ryoko
doll kimono hitokoshi
I made a kimono for a doll with the Hitokoshi chirimen. As an almost first try, there are some awkward parts, though. I was so happy to find this shop after a very long search for a place selling good fabrics for doll kimono.
by Panda
I make handmade dog accessories - collars, bandannas, leashes - and this is a picture of some of my fashions. The fabrics are beautiful on dogs, and they are very popular here. More styles can be found on my website www.luvofdog.com.
by Jacqueline Broussard
Japanese floral skirt
Since this fabric was my favorite design, I made this wrapped skirt carefully so that I would not make any mistake.
by Nagomi

The fabric used is Flower Paradise.
I made two matching purses in Hitokoshi chirimen for friends. The pattern came from Kumiko Sudo's 'Omiyage' book of projects. The fabrics were so lovely I ordered more this time so I would be able to make them again.
by Brittany Jones
I sewed this bear by hand. I worked hard on the hat.
by Budo

The fabric used is Rabbits on Pink.
I make clothes--kimono and hakama (pleated pants)--for dogs. I love this beautiful fabric!
by Alice
I think I did a pretty good job!! : )
by Nagomi

The fabric used is Things Japanese.
As I have no sewing machine now, I sewed these by hand. The paper folder cover was made with chino pants no longer used. On it I put patches of Spring Blossoms. The coasters on the right were made with Bunnies in Gowns.
by kako
Bingata doll kimono
This is Pura-chan in kimono.
by Ryoko
(The fabric used is Bingata Pines, Bamboos & Ume.)
I made this with Lines and Dots on Beige. I dyed the ribbon and the hem of the skirt with coffee.
by tokiko
Let me show you a doll dress I made with the fabric I had bought from you.
by K
(The fabric used is Peonies on Stripes.)
I had long been looking for a fabric for my Japanese Lolita fashion, but unable to find anything I'd like before visiting this site. Finally getting one from you, I quickly designed and made this two piece dress.
by Tsukiyori Haruka
(The fabric used is Crane Fans with Flowers.)
This is a brooch made with Hitokoshi Chirimen.
by Shimu
With Retro Dots fabric I made a yukata, summer kimono, for my daughter. She was very happy with it. As the fabric feels smooth, it will be comfortable on hot summer days.
by Shiho
Japanese fabric tie
I made ties for the first time.
by Naoton

(The fabrics used are Chic Squares - Dark Blue (left) and Abstract Chrysanthemums (right).)
I made a flower knot with Chirimen fabric cords. It came out lovely as I had expected.
by Shimu
Drawstring pouches (left), cell phone cases with polyester chirimen crepe (center), and a zipper pouch (right).
by shiho
Meisen kimono doll
I made another doll with the two Meisen kimono patterns from you. Her name is Haruna.
by tokiko
(The fabrics used are Retro Dots and Meisen Kimono Line and Dot Pattern.)
My first handmade-gifts: 2 pouches made with the Chirimen crepe. This is a pattern called Daffodil, from one of my favorite book: Omiyage (Kumiko Sudo). Though I have no gift for sewing, the pouches are really pretty thanks to the quality of the fabrics ;) by Thanh from Paris
Maybe too many yo-yo quilts ; ) This doll girl is named Mao.
by tokiko
(The products used are Rabbits on Weave Pattern and Chirimen fabric cord.)
I made these three purses with the solid chirimen fabrics from you.
by Shina
I bought a lot of fabrics from you, of which I especially like this rayon Hitokoshi chirimen.
by kataoka
I made this doll with Marguerites and Dotted Wave Pattern. I also made covered buttons with the two fabrics. This doll girl is named Saya-chan.
by tokiko

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