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A variety of autumn favorites!!!!
by Nyankichi
I'd like to go pick acorns....
by Nyankichi
This is for Tanabata or the Star Festival on July 7. The bamboo leaves are also made with chirimen crepe fabric. I hope the weather will be fine on the Tanabata day this year. by Nyankichi
This is a smock dress with strings made of "Shibori Collage." The round hair accessory was sewn with the same fabric. Isn't she lovely and refined one-year-old girl?! by Mameyuzu
All the fabrics are from your shop. I have already started on the next one.
by Mugitama
I have liked the handicrafts in Japanese style very much since my childhood. So I used the fabrics with Japanese patterns to make these two bears. I hope that everybody likes them. by janson
These are for summer. Well, summer is yet to come.... Let's get ahead of the season (^_-) by Nyankichi
I used some Japanese design fabrics. I'm wondering where to put this. by JUN
Japanese fabric kimono
It is my first work with a sewing machine, ever, I am happy that the fabrics was so beautiful and easy to work with that it helped a lot. I'm quite satisfied by the result, of course nothing to compare with a real Japanese kimono, it's just a cute copy, waiting to see (and wear!) a real kimono one day.... by Carole
Japanese fabric bag
This pattern is by Kumiko Sudo from her new book, Folded Flowers, and sewn with your fabrics from your fat quarter club.
by Debbie M.
These ornaments are for the rainy season (^_^)v Their bright colors will cheer you up a lot!!! by Nyankichi
Japanese fabric coasters
I've added new items to my web shop. I made these coasters with the fabrics I had purchased from you a while ago. by Beans - Handmade Tableware and Crafts (in Japanese)
Japanese chirimen fabric
I made sweets with chirimen crepes. These are kashiwamochi and chimaki, sticky rice cakes eaten on Japanese Children's Day, May 5th. Don't snitch a bite! You cannot eat them, of course! by Nyankichi
Doesn't she look cute also from the back?
I will make many more things!!
by Nyankichi
I made Hina dolls for the first time and had a hard time.... I used the fabrics I had on hand, but I got more interested in chirimen crepes. Will look for them on your website. by NOE her website in Japanese
Japanese fabric cotton
This zabuton mat is my first submission. I think the tussels with jade green beads make good accents. I love this cute fabric so much! by Kozaru her website in Japanese
Japanese fabric cotton
I made coasters with the fabrics I had purchased from you. I sell these and handmade tableware on my website (in Japanese). These fan-shaped coasters, if displayed on wall, will create a Japanese mood. by manto 1969
Japanese fabric chirimenJapanese fabric chirimen
I am totally impressed! Your fabrics are more beautiful than I imagined.
I made these Haiko Ningyo (crawling child doll) for Hina Matsuri (Doll Festival or Girls' Festival on March 3rd).
I am into making small stuff!! by Nyankichi
Japanese fabric cotton
I made this and three other kinds of cases with the fabrics I had purchased from you. Think will be good to use in Japanese style room, or for New Year season. by NOE her website in Japanese
Japanese fabric cotton
I made a ruler case. The design is similar to chopsticks wrapper. Inside is a postcard or thick paper. A good way to use up small pieces of fabric. by Kozaru her website in Japanese
Japanese fabric cotton yukata
I made a Yukata (informal kimono for summer) for my daughter with the fabric I had bought from you. It was my first try at sewing a kimono, and I made some mistakes, ... but the lovely fabric covers them up! Also made a hair accessory with the same material. I'm going to make a purse as well, which will make a perfect set for a summer festival! by Line
Japanese kimono doll
Made a kimono for a doll. I love this--the size of the motif is just right, and the design is gorgeous. I wanted to make another one with the same fabric in purple, but now I don't know if I will. The obi sash is more difficult to make than I thought. by NOE her website in Japanese

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