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Hand Printed Rabbits of The Four Seasons in Navy (Quantity) 1=1row

SKU: 110217


This fabric is sold by the row.

Each row is about 6.7-6.9in (17-17.5cm) long and has 6 rabbit squares on it.  A whole panel consists of 5 rows, measuring 34in x 43in (=87cm x 110cm).
Rabbits are telling a year round activities in Japan with so lovely pictures.
Seasonal events are described interestingly that you will be able to learn Japanese culture.
Also, how unique to find the Japanese characters made up partly with the vegetables of the season.
Suitable for garments as well as crafts.
Larger projects like tapestries will be effective as one square measures as large as 7 inch x 7.4 inch.
The same designs are repeated every 87cm, slightly less than a yard.
Fabric thickness : 0.0184 inch (0.46 mm)
The button on fabric is 0.8inch (2cm) in diameter.

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