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Chirimen Mobile Kit - Tales of Fortune

SKU: tk-vt2202


Instructions in JAPANESE ONLY.

Fortune seven items hanging in a lane lined neatly forming another lucky seven rows.
It is very interesting to find every single line signifies different kind of lucks.
Lane 1 : Flower and temari ball - protecting from evils
Lane 2 : Owl - a creature believed to be bringing a luck
Lane 3 : Fan, lucky cat, fortune bag, etc - a collection of lucky tools
Lane 4 : Rabbit doll - fortune dolls for girl's festival
Lane 5 : Pressed flowers - seasonal flower in lucky colors
Lane 6 : Japanese sweets - bringing a smile on your face
Lane 7 : Kyoto vegetables - each naming associating to something to do with luck
You make one figure everyday and after 2 months you'll naturally end up with an amazing master piece of work!
This kit includes chirimen fabrics, cords, foamed styrols, beads, bells, cardboards, battings, wood stick for hanging and instructions in Japanese with many color picture step by step.
Finished size: 18 inch (45 cm) wide x 24 inch (60 cm) long
Tools need to be prepared : scissors, adhesive agent, ruler, pen, threads, and needle.

Fabrics may vary from picture.

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