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I made a lovely purse with the fabric I'd bought from you. It can contain several bankbooks, and I find it handy.
by Milky
I made two more sleeveless blouses. The one in the center is the first, and the two others are the latest.
by kako
I made Japanese-style sandals with the fabric I'd bought from you. The shiny, like lacquer, heels match the fabric perfectly.
I made another pair, using the chirimen fabric cord from you.
by Nadeshiko
I made this doll with the "Diamond Ikat Pattern" fabric I had bought from you before.
by tokiko
I finished a cushion cover. I am satisfied that it was well made for my third quilt. I used three fabrics from you, of which "Tiny Ume Blossoms" is my particular favorite.
by Kimi
I remade jeans into a skirt by inserting the Ume cotton print (Tiny Ume Blossoms).
by Shina
I made this sewing set with the polyester chirimen with Ume pattern. The pincushion was made with cotton chirimen. The string to hold scissors within the scissor case was made with the same Ume fabric as I had forgot to buy the chirimen cord. All hand-sewn.
by Shina
This bag is for the sewing set shown on the left. I had the right amount left over material for this.
by Shina
I am really satisfied with this no-sleeve shirt. I thought the fabric might be a little thick for this, but it turns out just right. The color is cool and refreshing, and I look forward to wearing this in the coming season.
by kako
The Hitokoshi rayon chirimen was easy to work with.
by mik
Japanese floral fabric doll
This is my third one. I've really gotten into Japanese design fabric.;) Seeing the fabric inspires me to make this or that.... I enjoy stitching very much.
by tokiko
I made sachets with the fabrics in a mini cut assortment. I burnt incense, then packed it in the sachets and put them in my closet. This way I enjoy the same incense piece twice. :)
by Shina
I made a doll kimono with the chirimen I bought from you. The color of this fabric is very lovely, isn't it!
by miki
Japanese tsumugi fabric doll
This is my second doll with Japanese fabric. I'm going to make another one with the fabric I received today. I'm excited. :)
by tokiko
Japanese fabric aloha shirt
I'm really into making aloha shirts with Japanese pattern lately. I made this with the cotton chirimen from Fabric Tales. I will find it useful in summer since it is soft and absorbent.
by teatree
Japanese fabric doll
I made a doll with the fabric I just received. It came out different than the usual ones with USA cotton.
by tokiko
The yellow fabric was for the fabric beads at the loop ends, but it is also lovely for the lining and the upper part.
by Shimu
As I used scrap fabrics of various kinds, it was a little difficult to make. With the material of the same kind, it would be more beautiful. The size is 15" x 16".
As these cotton chirimen crepes are very beautiful, I have made a kit of mini tapestry. The backing fabric is another lovely fabric, the Playing Cards print. I particularly love the black cotton chirimen.
by Kaze
I made a tiny tapestry with your fabrics and what I had at home. As the fabrics felt good to the touch, I enjoyed making it.
by Kaze
Japanese fabric jinbei
I made a "JINBEI" style kimono with a traditional toy-pattern fabric. Although I made a couple of tiny mistakes, my six year old boy loves it. He says "This is my SAMURAI SUIT !!". My Australian husband thinks I'm clever, too.
by Midori@Australia
Japanese fabric sofa
Thank you for your prompt delivery. Though I was very busy, I made four box cushions for the seat and the backrest, plus three small zabuton mats. I'm very pleased to have found this fabric.
by 64-year-old Hisa from ZamaCity
Japanese fabric quilt
I've joined the project to make the quilt tops of the 50 US states. This is only a first step as I need to make as many as 50!! For the project I'm going to use the fabrics from this shop.
by Marimo
Japanese fabric tapestry
I made a New Year tapestry. I'd been wondering for what I should use this red arrow feather print. It works well here.
by NOE
Japanese obi
I made an obi sash with Floral Michinaga Pattern -Purple. Having been learning how to put on a kimono properly for a month, I dared to go out in a kimono with the obi!
by Marin
Japanese kimono doll Tiny Betsy
With the same fabric as (<-) Marin used, I made a kimono for Tiny Betsy. Though she is American, the kimono turns out to suit her very well.
by acco

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