Fabric Tales

Cotton Chirimen Crepe - Brown (Length) 1=0.25yard

商品番号: scck-i

100% cotton Chirimen crepe with a slightly uneven surface. Soft and comfortable material good for crafts, clothing such as blouses and shirts, etc. Unlike rayon and polyester Chirimen crepe, this is not shiny.
*Please note that some cotton chirimen sold at OTHER sites are NOT real cotton chirimen but embossed fabric with a chirimen-like crinkled and uneven texture. Those embossed effects will be lost if washed in water. OUR cotton Chirimen crepe will not lose its surface texture after being washed.
Fabric thickness: approx 0.0197 inch (approx 0.5mm)
The button on fabric is 0.8inch (2cm) in diameter.

Total Length:0.25yard

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