Fabric Tales

Bingata Fortune World in Apricot (Length) 1=0.25yard

商品番号: 110709

A typical pattern of Bingata, a traditional dyeing technique in Okinawa located south of mainland Japan. Impressive vivid colors on Bingata reflect those of the nature in the tropical region.
Take a close look at the design on the print, many lucky items those said to be bringing a fortune are printed. Treasure boxes, mallets, pine trees and many items to symbolize happiness.
Good for crafts as well as wearables like dress, jimbei, yukata.
Making a costume would be very appealing.
Thickness: approx. 0.0092 inch (0.23 mm)
The button on fabric is 0.8inch (2cm) in diameter.

Total Length:0.25yard

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