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Japanese Chirimen-Zaiku Parts

The items on this page are Japanese Chirimen-Zaiku parts. They are all finished products, not kits.
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Chirimen New Year's Decoration

Chirimen Shuttlecock

OUT OF STOCK:Chirimen Arrow Charm

Chirimen Crane

Chirimen Lucky Cat

Chirimen Paddle - Red/Black

Chirimen Sea Bream

Chirimen Rice Packs

Chirimen Pine Couple

Chirimen New Year's Lion

Chirimen Top

Chirimen Tiger Ornament

Chirimen Tiger

Chirimen Samurai

Chirimen Miracle Malet, Koduchi

Chirimen Peony

Chirimen New Year's Rice Cake

Chirimen Kinchaku Purse - Red

Chirimen Kinchaku Purse - Purple

7 Gold coins - M

5 Gold coins - L

Chirimen Peaches

Chirimen Lucky Monkey - Red

Chirimen Lucky Monkey - Yellow

Chirimen Red & White Round Ume Blossoms

Chirimen Egg Bunny

Chirimen Flower Pots

Chirimen Bombori Lanterns

Chirimen Round Ume blossom

Chirimen Red Goldfish

Chirimen Come-back Frog

Chirimen Jumping Bunny

Chirimen 4 Balls - Plain Colors

Chirimen 4 Balls - Tiny Dots

Chirimen Egg Owl

Chirimen Small Red & White Peonies

Golden Rice Packs

Chirimen Red & White Peony

Chirimen Crane

Chirimen Turtle

Chirimen Miracle Mallet

Chirimen Diagonal Rice Cake

Chirimen Triangle - Red

Chirimen Triangle - Blue

Chirimen Dotted Goldfish

Chirimen Turtle

Chirimen Frog

Chirimen Lucky Cat

Chirimen Owl

Chirimen Chick Round - Yellow

Chirimen Snow Rabbit

Chirimen Kinchaku Rabbit

Chirimen Ume Blossom (M)

Chirimen Ume Blossom (S)

Chirimen Peony

Chirimen Chrysanthemum (M)

Chirimen Chrysanthemum (S)

Chirimen Bud

Chirimen Tiny Flower

Chirimen Ground Cherry

Chirimen Pinched Flower Round

Chirimen Pinched Flower Pointed

Chirimen Yo-Yo

Chirimen Cherry Blossom

Chirimen Bunny

Chirimen Chick Flat

Chirimen Mayudama - Silver

Chirimen Ume Blossom 2in

Chirimen Kid

Chirimen Court Carriage

Chirimen Palanquin

Chirimen Cherry Bonbori Lanterns

Chirimen Cranes

OUT OF STOCK: Chirimen Bush Warbler

Chirimen Oval Hina Dolls

Chirimen Maiko Girl

Chirimen Dogs

Chirimen Hina Dolls

Chirimen Tiny Balls

Chirimen Two Ume Blossoms

Chirimen Rabbit & Bunny

Chirimen Round Hina Dolls

Chirimen Hishimochi Rice Cake

Chirimen Ume Blossom 1.7in

Chirimen Cherry Blossom 1.7in

Chirimen Cherry Blossom 1.3in

Chirimen Sitting Rabbit

Chirimen Jumping Rabbit

Chirimen Ume Blossom Spray

Chirimen Cherry Blossom Spray

Chirimen Wild Cherry Blossoms

Chirimen Flying Butterfly

Chirimen Butterfly

Chirimen Antique Ume Blossom

Fan-Shaped Chirimen Tapestry - Black

Fan-Shaped Chirimen Tapestry - Brown Gold


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