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Tatami Tape 10.3 yds/roll
Tatami tape is newly issued craft supply.
Easy handling, light and has enough strength for making all sorts of projects like bags.
Make crease lines by folding it with a finger tip.

* No iron
* No washing

Usually ships in 2-7 business days.

Choose from 19 colors. *Wine color is discontinued.

Width : 3 inch (7.5cm)
Length : about 10.3 yds/roll (about 9.5 mt)

65 % Polypropylene 35% Polyethylene

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Ref # TS-T101-115

Tatami Tape 101Green pack $21.00
Tatami Tape 102Dark Green pack $21.00
Tatami Tape 103Wakakusa pack $21.00
Tatami Tape 104Mustard pack $21.00
Tatami Tape 105Blue pack $21.00
Tatami Tape 106Light Blue pack $21.00
Tatami Tape 108Black pack $21.00
Tatami Tape 109Brown pack $21.00
Tatami Tape 110Yomogi pack $21.00
Tatami Tape 111Beige pack $21.00
Tatami Tape 112Gray pack $21.00
Tatami Tape 113Silver Gray pack $21.00
Tatami Tape 114Warabi pack $21.00
Tatami Tape 115Rose Pink pack $21.00
Tatami Tape 116Navy pack $21.00
Tatami Tape 117Mint Blue pack $21.00
Tatami Tape 118Orange pack $21.00
Tatami Tape 119Lavender pack $21.00
Tatami Tape 120Purple pack $21.00

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