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Rayon Chirimen Crepe - Traditional Patterns etc.

All items on this page are 100% rayon, and will shrink and harden if washed in water. Dry-cleaning is preferable.

Unless otherwise stated, the fabrics on this page can be cut by the YARD (approx. 28in (70cm) wide) (minimum cut 1/4yd=0.25yd) or by the 9in (23cm) square PIECE to suit your needs.
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Traditional Wave Pattern - Blue
A typical traditional Japanese pattern.

The button is 0.8inch (2cm) in diameter.

Purchase either by the yard (approx. 27-28in/ 69-72cm wide), minimum cut 1/4yd, OR by the pre-cut piece sized 13x9in/ 33x23cm.

Pre-Cut Chirimen - Traditional Wave Pattern - Blue with cm scale

Ref # nyc17

by yd, Traditional Wave Pattern - Blue yd $19.80
Pre-Cut Chirimen -Traditional Wave Pattern - Blue ea $4.80

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