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Rayon Chirimen Crepe - Traditional Patterns etc.

All items on this page are 100% rayon, and will shrink and harden if washed in water. Dry-cleaning is preferable.

Unless otherwise stated, the fabrics on this page can be cut by the YARD (approx. 28in (70cm) wide) (minimum cut 1/4yd=0.25yd) or by the 9in (23cm) square PIECE to suit your needs.
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Patterned Chirimen Crepe Assortment - Blurred Patterns

Contains six pieces of pre-cut chirimen crepe prints with blurred Japanese traditional pattern.

Each cut is about 8.6in(22cm) X 6.5in(16.5cm).

Fabrics may vary from picture.
Get this value package and add to your chirimen fabric stash!

Ref # nca-11

$13.60    pack   Quantity:  

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Patterned Chirimen Crepe Assortment - Blurred Patterns

Golden Pink on White

Polka Dots - Pink

Polka Dots - Red

Polka Dots - Purple

Polka Dots - Celadon

Asanoha Star Kaleidoscope Pattern - Red

Asanoha Star Kaleidoscope Pattern - Mustard Yellow

Asanoha Star Kaleidoscope Pattern - Blue

Asanoha Star Kaleidoscope Pattern - Purple

Metallic Shippo Pattern - White/Gold

Metallic Shippo Pattern - White/Silver

Metallic Shippo Pattern - Black/Gold

Metallic Shippo Pattern - Black/Silver

Golds and Silvers on White

Golds and Silvers on Chestnut

OUT OF STOCK: Golds and Silvers on Brown

Golds and Silvers on Black

Golds and Silvers on Ivory

Golds and Silvers on Red

Golds and Silvers on Light Blue

Hazy Wave on Dark Moss Green

Hazy Wave on White

Japanese Mosaic in Blue

Modern Wave in Red

Modern Wave in Purple

Pre-Cut Chirimen:Dotted Wavy Pattern - Green

Pre-Cut Chirimen:Dotted Wavy Pattern - Purple

Dotted Wavy Pattern - Red

Dotted Wavy Pattern - Pink

Dotted Wavy Pattern - Navy

Pre-Cut Chirimen: Kanoko Dots on Navy

Kanoko Dots on Pink

Kanoko Dots on Black

Kanoko Dots on Orange

Kanoko Dots on Green

Kanoko Dots on Red

Kanoko Dots on Purple

Kanoko Dots - Silver

Kanoko Dots - Gold

Pre-Cut Chirimen: Traditional Wave Pattern - Rose Red

Traditional Wave Pattern - Red

Traditional Wave Pattern - Blue

Traditional Wave Pattern - Black

Pre-Cut Chirimen: Dotted Star Pattern - Pink

Pre-Cut Chirimen: Dotted Star Pattern - Red

Pre-Cut Chirimen: Dotted Star Pattern - Navy

Pre-Cut Chirimen: Dotted Star Pattern - Dark Purple

Pre-Cut Chirimen: Dotted Star Pattern - Black

OUT OF STOCK: Pre-Cut Chirimen: Slanted Arrow Pattern - Navy

Pre-Cut Chirimen: Slanted Arrow Pattern - Red

Modern Star Pattern - White/Black

Modern Star Pattern - Red

Modern Star Pattern - Purple

Modern Star Pattern - White/Red

Kihachijo Plaid Pattern

Arabesque Pattern - Dark Green

Arabesque Pattern - Red

Arabesque Pattern - White/Gold

Arabesque Pattern - White/Silver

Small Temari Balls - Red

Small Temari Balls - Yellow

Small Temari Balls - Black

Colorful Triangles

OUT OF STOCK: Shibori with Dots - Navy

Sayagata Geometric Pattern - Black

Sayagata Geometric Pattern - Red

OUT OF STOCK: Gold Flecks on Red

Gold Flecks on Green

Gold Flecks on Black

Patterned Chirimen Crepe Assortment - Blurred Patterns

Patterned Chirimen Crepe Assortment - Gold Silver

OUT OF STOCK: Chirimen Crepe 13in Assortment - Blurred Patterns


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